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To become a community partner you must complete one of the following options at the bottom of this page:



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Crime Stoppers of Nevada, Inc.
P.O. Box 28353
Las Vegas, NV 89126




1.  Download the "Contribution Packet"

2. Select  the "Educator" or higher  option.

3.  Complete the "Sponsorship Opportunities" and "Contribution Response" forms .

4. Mail the completed packet with your check to:

Online Donation

1.  Use the "Donate Online" button,  choose your " Sponsorship Opportunity", and complete your purchase.

2.  Download the "Contribution Packet"

​3.  Complete the "Sponsorship Opportunities" and "Contribution Response"  forms and email the signed form:

By Check

Take the Time to stop a crime!​
Report a crime by phone, online, or by text. All tips are anonymous and processed by Crime Stoppers of Nevada.

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